Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Party Appetizer #2: Chicken Croquettes.

Happy Halloween everyone, today I'm posting my last chicken recipe for the week. Hope this makes you see how practical it is to buy a whole chicken instead of just getting chicken breasts or thighs. With one single chick you can do roasted chicken, chicken stock and finally chicken croquettes. Anyway, here's the recipe, hope you're having a blast tonight. :)

Chicken Croquettes


-Leftover chicken meat (for those of you who tried the roasted chicken, give it a go)
-Potatoes, carrots, pear or apple, tomatoes, onions and raisins (all the veggies from the Roasted Chicken recipe)
-Grated mozzarella or emmental cheese
-Potato starch or all purpose flour for the coating
-1 beaten egg
-Breadcrumbs (I use Japanese Panko)

So, many of you may have noticed that this recipe works for those who cooked the roasted chicken, and that thought couldn't be more accurate. Either way, I encourage those who didn't to take a look at this recipe. I'm sure by the end you will all want to give a try to both recipes. 

First things first, take your leftover chicken and veggies out of the fridge and blend them together in a food processor (this may take a long time depending on how big is your processor)

The result mixture should look somehow like this. One of the benefits of mixing the chicken with the veggies (potatoes included) is that you won't need to prepare a messy bechamel sauce (which is yummilicious for croquetas de jamón serrano, but not that necessary in this case)

Now, one you have that mixture ready, place in four different bowls your cheese, flour or potato starch, beaten egg and breadcrumbs. I used both potato starch and panko because it's what I had at home, but I guess normal breadcrumbs work as fine.

Look how tiny my food processor took me a long time to blend the whole thing.

Now it's the fun though exhausting part. If you have friends nearby or a bewildered family member then grab him/her and handcuff his/her legs to the ground. Don't feel any shame. I didn't, I exploited my own brother into doing just can't go for the 20 or 30 on your own! 

(Short video on croquette making)

First, take a small amount of the patty in your hand and mold it with your hands for a few seconds, giving it a round form, then make a small hole in the middle of the patty, add some shredded cheese inside and wrap the hole with the patty, making a small ball (or big, if you're clumsy handed like my baby brother).

Then coat it with flour, beaten egg and finally with breadcrumbs. Repeat the whole process until you run out of mixture. (After doing 4 or 5 you'll get why I said the "catch that deer and never let it go" speech)

(Bro in sweatshop)

Once you have all your croquettes ready, you will have to keep them in the fridge overnight (they need to get  tightly thick so they don't fall apart while deep frying them) If you want to freeze them, now is the moment, place them on a tray and into the freezer. For the deep frying, make sure your oil is really hot before adding the croquettes, then lower it a bit (just a bit, take into account that if you add more than 3 croquettes the heat will go down and you don't want that to happen, otherwise the croquettes will break into the frying oil and you will have a mess)

After deep frying them, place them on a cooling tray or over paper towel in order to reduce the fat. Serve them on a plate and taste them with the sauce you like. I used Tonkatsu sauce :3.


Yummy Tummy

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